Parking Information

All Air Show parking will be adjacent to the airport

1. VIP’s with hang tag passes should approach the Airport on Airport Expressway Westbound from the East. Turn south on Bluffton Rd, west on Ferguson Road then south into the base for on base parking.

2. General Visitors have two different approaches.

  • A. Approach the airport from the west on Airport Expressway East bound. Traffic control will direct either south on Smith Road to the ‘North Parking Area’ or south on Ardmore Road for ‘Fort Wayne Metals’ parking area. Each of these two areas will be security screen in the parking lots and board busses for the short 5 minute trip to the airshow.
  • B. Approach from I-469, North on Bluffton Rd, West on Winters Rd to ‘South Parking area.’ This parking area will walk from parking area to the Air Show.

3. Traffic going to the civilian airport terminal should approach Airport from the North, ideally on Ardmore or Bluffton. Turn South on Airport Drive to be directed to civilian air terminal.

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